Table mineral water Vershyna®


Natural table sodium bicarbonate mineral water

It is available in carbonated and non-carbonated form.

Table waters are recommended for daily consumption without restrictions.

Natural mineral waters are more helpful.




“Vershyna” (Zhdymyr) compared to some other mineral waters of the same level of mineralization contains a greater number of compounds of sodium and potassium. These two trace elements are closely related to each other. On their balance depends the performance of their functions by muscles and nerves, the smooth operation of the heart and blood vessels, liver, kidneys, brain cells, endocrine glands and other organs, the regulation of water-salt metabolism and maintaining an optimal acid-alkaline environment.

Consumption of alkaline non-carbonated mineral water “Vershyna”, whose pH at the time of extraction is 9, and bottled more than 8, will help fight or prevent diseases arising from acid-alkaline imbalance.



The need for sodium increases in proportion to its loss in urine and sweat, especially during significant exercise and in hot weather. Low-calorie dieters, hard-core exercise enthusiasts, and the elderly are in dire need of maintaining optimal potassium levels in the body. High sodium intake leads to potassium loss. This is why a balanced intake of both potassium and sodium is important.

In table mineral water “Vershyna” sodium and potassium are exactly in the state in which nature has combined them. So drinking “Vershyna” in a natural way will restore the balance of sodium and potassium in your body, will provide the necessary minerals and chemical elements, and when used externally will help your skin to remain soft and gentle. And this is understandable – because “Vershyna” is at least twice as soft as ordinary drinking water, making it ideal for making infusions, decoctions, medicinal syrups, liqueurs, tea and coffee.