Unique sources

Mineral waters of Transcarpathia have been known for over 500 years. According to scientists their geological age is more than 65 million years old

Our products

Products under trademarks "Poliana Kupel-5", "Poliana Kvasova-8", "Luzhanska" and "Vershyna" due to their wonderful taste qualities and healing properties were universally recognized not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders

Our main task

deliver to consumers mineral water extracted from the depths of the Silver Earth, preserving its composition in the form of a primitive formula created by nature itself

Take a step towards health and longevity with the "Alex" company mineral waters!

Many years of experience in production, accumulated by the “Alex” company, allows you to extract and bottle unique Transcarpathian mineral waters, preserving their crystal clearness and miraculous healing properties, giving people the most valuable treasure – health!

Our History

The Alex company was founded in 1995 and since then has been considered one of the leaders in the mineral water market, providing customers with a generous flow of mineral water in pristine purity