Unique Sources


Each of our mineral waters is unique in its composition, which is recognized by high State standards. “Poliana Kupel-5”, “Poliana Kvasova-8”, “Luzhanska”, “Shayanska” and “Vershyna (Zhdymyr)” are included in the State register of mineral waters of Ukraine and meet the requirements of DSTU 878-93 “Packaged mineral waters. Technical Conditions”.

Studying the mineral water deposits of Svaliavschina, geologists have concluded that their geological age exceeds 65 million and belongs to the Upper Cretaceous period. The Carpathian Mountains were formed as a result of Alpine orogenesis about 1.5 million years ago. During the earthquakes and crustal movements gigantic cracks and folds appeared, and the water was trapped in huge underground reservoirs, where it had been absorbing the magic powers of mother-nature, enriching itself with salts and minerals for thousands of years.

Mineral waters of Zakarpattya have been known for over 500 years. In the charters of the Hungarian king in 1463 there are mentioned miraculous springs near Svalyava. In 1800. Svalyava mineral water was exported to Vienna and Paris as an expensive table drink. In 1812 the existing plants were bottling 150-180 thousand bottles of mineral water. In 1842 in Budapest the Svalavschina mineral water was recognized as one of the best, and in 1855 it received a golden diploma at the exhibition in Paris.

Industrial development began in the 40s of the 19th century. In 1892 during the Austro-Hungarian times there was organized the resort Polyana, where for the first time the mineral water was officially used for medicinal purposes and there was built a factory for bottling mineral water.

Due to optimal concentration of calcium and magnesium ions and physiological sodium-potassium balance, maximally approached to the composition of the internal environment, the waters produced by “Alex” enterprise are beneficial for the organism, coordinating and correcting work of all organs. The presence of natural sodium bicarbonate (soda) softens the waters, which positively affects the condition of hair and skin, especially when used in combination (externally and internally).