The enterprise “Alex” was founded in 1995 and since then it has been diligently working with care for people, providing them with a generous flow of mineral water in pristine purity. Products under trademarks “Polyana Kupel-5”, “Polyana Kvasova-8”, “Luzhanska” and “Vershyna” due to their wonderful taste qualities and healing properties were universally recognized not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders.


The company has its own registered trademarks (trademarks for goods and services) “Polyana Kupel-5”, “Polyana Kvasova-8”, “Luzhanska”, “Vershyna” and others, which allow consumers to distinguish our products among competitors and are a guarantee of high quality and safety. Since 2015, Alex ENTERPRISE has had a certified quality and food safety management system in place, the compliance of which with European standards has been repeatedly confirmed by international ISO certificates.


The defining advantage of our wells is that, unlike many others, they are located outside populated areas, in a mountainous forest area, which minimizes the possibility of the influence of human economic activity factors on the sources.

The main peculiarity of production is that during extraction and bottling the entire natural mineral composition and physical structure of water is preserved, as it does not lend itself to technogenic transformations.

This is ensured by the constant development and improvement of the production facilities. Mineral water is packed on two PET filling lines manufactured in Austria and Italy, and a line for filling into glass containers manufactured in Hungary.

In order to take into account consumer preferences the company uses 5 kinds of packaging: 1,5 L, 0,8 L (standard cap and sport cap), 0,5 L PET, 0,5 L glass.

At the moment Alex ENTERPRISE employs more than 100 people.