AlexTM mineral waters – for your health!

Welcome to the website of "Alex" - Small Private Enterprise, that is one of the biggest producers of mineral waters in Zakarpatska region in Ukraine. Thank you for your interest to us and our products, which is rightly worldwide recognized due to high quality standards and unsurpassed taste.

"Alex" Company's accumulated experience of many years production, allows us to extract and to bottle unique Carpathian mineral waters, with keeping them crystal clear and miracle health curing, and giving people the most precious treasure – a health!

For today, production of "Alex" SPE is presented in the market by the following trade marks: «Polyana Kvasova-8», «Polyana Kupel-5», «Polyana Sribna», «Luzhanska» and «Shayanska». Mineral concentration carefully selected by nature allows everyone to choose his own favorite mineral water.

Production assets of our company are located in ecologically clean area of Carpathian mountains, within easy reach to mineral water springs and equipped with modern European high-tech facilities. Food quality and safety management system implemented on the enterprise is certified according to international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 by «TÜV Thüringen» Company.

Our mission is to provide our consumers with mineral water, extracted from depth of Silver Land, with keeping its chemical composition within initial formula, which was created by nature itself.

Make your step towards to your health and longevity with "Alex" Company mineral waters!