Mineral water production

Мінеральна вода  Поляна квасова-8


Відома оздоровчими властивостями ще з 1840 року...

The first references of miraculous stunning effect of mineral water at the bottom of mountain saddle are dated of Great Migration Period. Hun crossed The Carpathians looking for historical motherland. After mountains, they saw wonderful landscape. They were tired of long foot journey and all of them fell down to spring allaying their thirst. The water was of unusual taste and filled them with force of nature. Wounds, which were washed out with the water stopped paining and healed, their bodies were filled with energy. After the rest, Hun moved forward to Dunai hollow. They saved the legend about curing water and brought it across the generations.

By the way, there was found a tomb of Hun soldier in 1870 on Svalyava town outskirts dated of approximately 9th century. It is the reminder that historical events become legends.

While learning occurrences of Svalyava mineral waters the scientists concluded that their geological age exceeds 65 million years and is of Upper Cretaceous. The Carpathian Mountains appeared as a result of Alpine orogenic process approximately 1.5 million years ago. Giant clefts and folds appeared while earthquakes and convulsions of earth crust and water was closed in big reservoirs for thousands years where it took up a magic strength of Mother Nature becoming rich with salts and minerals.

Mineral waters of Zakarpattya region are already known for more than 500 years. Miraculous springs near Svalyava are mentioned in documents of Hungarian King dated 1463. 1800. Svalyava mineral water was being exported to Vienna and Paris as an expensive table drink. 1812. Factories bottled 150-180 thousand of mineral water bottles. 1842. Svalyava mineral water recognized as one of the best in Budapest. 1855. Svalyava mineral water had got Gold Diploma at Paris Exhibition. Industrious well development began in 40s of 19th century. 1892. Polyana Resort where mineral water officially was used for medical purposes was founded in Austria-Hungary. Also, bottling factory was built. Luzhanskoe Administration of Mineral Water Factories controlled Svalyava mineral waters at Soviet times and fell apart in the beginning of 90th. Trade union health retreat complexes ("Sonyachne Zakarpattya", "Kvitka Polonyny", "Polyana") work on the base of main occurrences Polyanske, Novopolyanske, Luzhanske. They were united to Polyana resort, where hundreds thousand of tourists from all the Republics of Soviet Union had the possibility to feel by themselves the positive effect of unique mineral waters. Before 70s years of 20th century mineral waters of the resort were concerned as Borjomi type, mainly because of the basic curing ingredient - sodium hydrogen carbonate. However, after detailed research and comparison, scientists concluded that waters of Polyana resort distinguish by higher lever of salts content and carbon acid saturation, presence of Boracium and Fluorine, and also by range of other features. It gave to scientists the foundation to detach before unknown subtype of mineral water - Polyano-kvasovkiy (or Novopolyanskiy).

The mineral waters belong to nationwide natural resources according to their physical and chemical parameters. Occurrences, where curing waters are extracted, are different mainly in mineral salts concentration and specific components presence.

Waters of SPE "Alex" production do beneficent influence on human organism by arranging and correction of work of all systems. It happens thanks to their optimal concentration of calcium and magnesium ions, and physiological sodium-potassium balance, which is maximum near to chemical composition of inner environment. Sodium hydrogen carbonate (soda) makes the water softer, what does a good effect to hair and skin, especially when applied both in and out.

Every of our water is a unique in its chemical composition and it is recognized by State Standards. "Polyana Kupel - 5", "Polyana Kvasova - 8", "Luzhanska" and Polyana Sribna (Zhdymyr) are included to State Register of Mineral Waters of Ukraine. They meet the requirements of GOST 878-93.

Products of SPE "Alex" is a spring of health and strength, which Eastern, Western, Central, Southern and Northern parts of our country are satiated from. And also foreign consumers draw inspiration from them.

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Приємна на смак, кришталево прозора мінеральна вода.

Мінеральна вода  Лужанська


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