About “Alex” Company

"Alex" Enterprise was founded in 1995. Since than it have worked with care of people very hard, providing people with boon stream of mineral water in original clearness. Production of "Polyana Kupel-5", "Polyana Kvasova-8", "Luzhanska" and "Polyana Sribna" trade marks have got common recognition thanks to its perfect taste and curing properties not only in Ukraine, but also far abroad.

"Alex" SPE Presentation

"Alex" Company is an owner of long-term licenses (special permissions) for extracting and factory bottling from own wells of main natural occurrences of Svalyava region. Designated advantage of our wells is their difference from many others. They are located out of inhabited localities in mountain forests, what reduces to a minimum the possibility of human activity influence on them.

Производство минеральной водыMineral water production unit.
The main difference of our production is that all the natural mineral composition and physical structure of water during extraction and bottling process are saved as it is not subject to any technogeneous transformations.

Today "Alex" SPE is a company of more than 80 workplaces, full and continuous technological cycle, well-aligned infrastructure and branched system of regional distribution. But, we never stop in our development and constantly wide and optimize our cooperation both with our partners and consumers.